This event drops the beast half to create Baron Killer or Baron Ecks through evolution with Air Drops.

Expert (7 Waves)Edit

Drop Chance: Brainwave 5%, Scarscream 5%

7 Waves, purple and yellow troops

Master-Purple (7 Waves)Edit

Drop chance: Brainwave 100%

Notable units:

Wave 4: (attacks every 2 turns)

YSS YooDooVooDoo ~400K hp, 6200 damage/4 turns
PSS ILubYouToo ~400K hp, 6200 damage/4 turns

Wave 7

2x Poop Dog and Two-Pack: 3000 damage/1 turn, high armor
Brainwave: 6 turns, high armor

Master-Yellow (7 waves)Edit

Notable Units:


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