Vanilla Spice
War Hero

Rarity base leftRarity star activeRarity star activeRarity star activeRarity star activeRarity star activeRarity star inactiveRarity base right

0422 fullbody

Squad Capacity Point

LevelLv.1Max: 70
0422 avatarIcon hpHP3401,495
Icon yellowAttack121520
Icon recoveryHealing52104
Max XP59,631
Upgraded From
Upgrade To
0423 avatar
Required Materials
0234 avatar0174 avatar0174 avatar0150 avatar0227 avatar


Icon leaderskillFlash Modulator
Increases drop rate of yellow balls and increases all yellow units' Attack by 1.5 times
Icon skillTurning Light (Turns to charge: 30)
Special Skill: Bursts all Healing balls to inflict yellow Attack on all enemies, and yellow balls will drop in place. Delays all enemy attacks by 2 turns.

Drop Location

Mission: The Love Bomb

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