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This is where messages from the GM or your Friends. You can also send messages to your friends from here.


Tapping this redirects you to Puzzle Trooper's official Facebook page.

Friends ListEdit

A list of all your Friends. You can arrange them by their Name, Leader Levels, Login Times, Factions, Rarity of their Leader Cards, HP, Heal, Attack.

You get one extra Friends Slot for every 3 Ranks. Or you can expand your Friends List by using your Bloody Diamonds.

This is a list of the Friends you can use in battle. You only have limited slots, so be careful who you add to your list. You should also clean up your list regularly. Players who have not logged in for a long time will not appear for you to use in battle.

As long as your friend has logged into the game once within 24 hours, you will be able to use their Leaders in battle every 2 hours. You'll be able to get 10 Thank You Rocks when you use your Friends in battle. Strangers will only net you 5 Thank You Rocks.

Add FriendEdit

Add friend referral

You will find your Player ID in this section. The Player ID is what people use to add you to their Friends List, not your player name (the name you entered at the end of the tutorial, and which you can change in the Options section.). You can add your Friends' Player IDs here.


On the top right corner, you will see a Referral button. You can add one friend as a Referral. When you reach Rank 10, you and your friend will both get 2 Bronze Airdrop Tickets Diamonds each. Once you've added a friend, that button will disappear.

But others can also add you as a Referral, and when they've reached Rank 10, you will both get 2 Bronze Airdrop Tickets each.

This will only work for the first 10 Referrals, meaning, you can get the 50 diamonds (for each referral) when your first 10 friends add you as a Referral.