SSG. Robert De Zero

Rarity base leftRarity star activeRarity star activeRarity star activeRarity star activeRarity star inactiveRarity base right

0101 fullbody

Squad Capacity Point

LevelLv.1Max: 70
0101 avatarIcon hpHP5101,213
Icon blueAttack372928
Icon recoveryHealing90241
Max XP623,949
Upgraded From
Upgrade To
0100 avatar
0230 avatar
Required Materials
0234 avatar0172 avatar0160 avatar0148 avatar0156 avatar


Icon leaderskillTurtle Shell Armor
Leader Skill: Reduces damage taken from blue units by 30%
Icon skillChange of Tides (Turns to charge: 09)
Special Skill: Changes all green balls to blue balls

Drop Location

Mission: ...

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