The main menu can be accessed from the top left of the screen, and is represented by the Walkie talkie icon.

Menu icon missionMissionsEdit

To access the main Missions.

Menu icon troopsTroopsEdit

To access the Troops management section.

Menu icon airdropAirdropEdit

For all your Airdrop needs!

Menu icon shopShopEdit

Here, you can buy Bloody Diamonds, Expand your Barracks, Refill Energy or Expand your Friends List.

Menu icon socialSocialEdit

For the social butterflies. Check your inbox, Clean up your Friends List, Chat with your Friends or Add Friends and their Referral Codes here.

Menu icon newsNewsEdit

Keep up with the latest Special Events or Airdrop news here!

Menu icon optionsOptionsEdit

Game options, Visit the Armory (a list of all the Troopers discovered), Read the FAQ or the game credits.