MAJ. Bouncie Knolls
War Hero

Rarity base leftRarity star activeRarity star activeRarity star activeRarity star activeRarity star activeRarity star inactiveRarity base right

0138 fullbody

Squad Capacity Point

LevelLv.1Max: 50
0138 avatarIcon hpHP3171,463
Icon yellowAttack226788
Icon recoveryHealing64283
Max XP707,107
Upgraded From
Upgrade To
0139 avatar
Required Materials
0174 avatar0160 avatar0160 avatar0150 avatar0150 avatar


Icon leaderskillAir Doctor
Leader Skill: Heals for 100% of Leader's Healing Power after matching balls
Icon skillAir Rescue (Turns to charge: 20)
Special Skill: Heals to full HP

Drop Location

Mission: ...

Strategy Edit

While not as powerful as the other medical helicopter counterparts such as Airnurse Ann Losthaway or Airnurse Sharon Stoned, MAJ. Bouncie Knolls makes it up with a higher damage. She is also able to Upgrade to the best healer in the game, COL. Bouncie Knolls.

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