Indestructibull Bulldozer

Rarity base leftRarity star activeRarity star activeRarity star activeRarity star activeRarity star activeRarity base right

0228 fullbody

Squad Capacity Point

LevelLv.1Max: 99
0228 avatarIcon hpHP3,0006,133
Icon redAttack1,1011,363
Icon recoveryHealing00
Max XP4,000,000
Upgraded From
Upgrade To
0107 avatar
Required Materials


Icon leaderskillA Closer Shave
Leader Skill: Survive a single attack that would kill you, if your HP is above 50%
Icon skillM.A.T.A.D.O.R. (Turns to charge: 11)
Special Skill: Changes all Healing Packs to red balls

Drop Location


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