Certain units can produce additional effects when used as materials for a Level Up. A unit with the potential to trigger one of these effects will be marked with a special symbol over its icon.

Image Name Description
Skill Up Chance to increase Skill level
Fusion Bonus Adds bonus stats in addition to Level up bonuses.
Skill Up and Fusion Bonus Adds bonus stats and has a chance to increase Skill level. (Appears when using the exact same unit as the base unit as Level up material)

Skill UpEdit


Adding a unit with the exact same Special Skill name as the base unit will produce a chance to increase the Base unit’s skill level.

Increasing a skill’s level reduces its cooldown time by 1 turn.


You can add additional units with the same skill name as the base unit in order to increase the Skill Up chance.


NOTE: Once you reach a certain level, no matter how many same skill troopers you use for leveling up your base unit, you will not see the upgrade in skill level anymore.

NOTE: If you evolve your trooper and they have different skill names, the level will reset to one.

Fusion BonusEdit

Adding a unit from the same evolution tree as the Base unit will add bonus HP, Attack and Healing to the Base unit, above and in addition to any bonuses obtained for gaining levels.

The rank of the unit (number of stars) determines the bonus stats the Base unit earns during Fusion. This amount is fixed, and is not affected by number of units fused simultaneously, Level of the Fusion material unit or the difference in rank between the Fusion material and the Base unit.


Also take note that the Fusion Bonus numbers listed also include any Fusion Bonus the Base unit has already gained. (Subtract the values listed in parentheses after the Plus sign on the leftmost column to get the actual Fusion Bonus granted by the unit(s).

There is a maximum cap for Fusion Bonuses. Once you have reached the cap, Fusing units will no longer give the Base unit any more stat bonuses.

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