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Indesrtuctibull BulldozerDoc Freezer & Sharkey and Croc Dundee & Gator are the Beast of Battles from the special event, Beast War. Playing this mission will allow the player to capture one of the three troopers at higher difficulty. Each of these troopers can convert healing pack to balls of their own colour.

Indestructibull Bulldozer

Leader Skill: Surive a single attack that would kill you, if your HP is above 50%.

Doc Freezer & Sharkey

Leader Skill: Increases all Amoured units' Attack by 2.5 times.

Croc Dundee & Gator

Leader Skill: Increases all Tech units' HP by 2.5 times.

A guaranteed capture of 1 of the 3 beasts at expert level.

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